IMG_4379I am an evolutionary biologist interested in the genomic and gene regulatory basis of rapid phenotypic evolution in natural systems, particularly in fishes. I am a Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow, where I currently focus on the genetic basis and functional mechanisms of life-history evolution and related phenotypic divergence in European lampreys.

My research focuses on integrating phenotypic, developmental, functional genomic and population genomic approaches to  understand the proximate and ultimate mechanisms underlying rapid adaptation and phenotypic evolution. I have great interest in understanding the developmental and molecular mechanisms underlying adaptive phenotypic changes. I think that integrating diverse approaches will allow one to gain a more complete understanding of how the fascinating biodiversity surrounding us has evolved. Ultimately, this knowledge will be key to preserving and protecting this diversity.

I study a wide range of species, ranging from local adaptation to steep thermal clines in Atlantic silversides, to adaptation to urban environments in great tits, the population and functional genomics of rapid and parallel evolution in salmonids, and most recently the genomic and functional mechanisms underlying the repeated loss of parasitism in lamprey.

If you want to find out more about my past and ongoing research have a look at my research page and my publications.

Contact information

Dr Arne Jacobs

Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine,
University of Glasgow
Graham Kerr Bldg, Room 408
email: a.jacobs.research@gmail.com
email: arne.jacobs@glasgow.ac.uk